Sony MHC-V50D speaker Buy this to Go Loud

Bluetooth speakers fed by smartphones are now the standard across the world. No one bothers about buying CDs or wired music systems anymore. But that means it is time for these speakers to evolve and fill the gaps left by the legacy systems. From Sony to LG, everyone sees an opportunity in offers speaker sets that can do more than beam music from a phone.

Sony MHC-V50D

Price: Rs 33,990

Sony has had high-powered Bluetooth speakers for some time now. The latest is the MHC-V50D, a large unit for the home, especially a home that hosts a lot of parties. This is one speaker set with a lot of functionality from being a radio tuner to an MP3 player and a sort of DJ rig to scratch up those late night parties.

The audio quality is good, though I have always felt Sony pushes bass a bit too much, at least for my liking. So this one too has a mega bass mode that amps up the oomph factor. You can play around with the playback quite a bit with preset modes. This can be done on the speaker as well as on the phone using the Fiesta app from Sony. The V50D can be really loud and do attempt to go beyond 50 percent of the volume if you want to maintain cordial relations with your neighbors.

You can play via Bluetooth from any source that has this functionality, or just plug in a USB drive with your music. Also, there is a CD player built in, just in case you have some of those lying around. There are two Mic in modes, one of which can also be used for a Guitar plugin if that is a talent you foster.

The audio quality is good, though I have always felt Sony pushes bass a bit too much, at least for my liking.

As I mentioned before, this is a made-to-party rig and it does not make much sense investing in if you are not the party types. So there are party lights built in, which can be adjusted using the app. Also, there is a scratch pad on the top which you can use to introduce noise into you otherwise docile music. Isolation, flanger and sampler functions are built in for you to really rev it up as the party hits a crescendo. Personally, I didn’t find much of a use for this. But then I have never been a party person.

Should you buy?

Well, this makes sense only for people who are into heavy partying and maybe a bit of techno music. If you are an aspiring DJ or a guitar player, then there is some scope in getting the MHC-V50D home. But if you are the type that likes to listen to western classical or Jagjit Singh, then you couldn’t be more off the mark. I can’t recommend this for a regular home, but it sure makes sense for a bachelor pad or a hotel room.

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