Samsung Confirms First Ever Foldable Device; Samsung Galaxy X

Not quite sure what the ‘X’ is all about but, reportedly, Samsung‘s president Koh Dong-jin has confirmed that the company is preparing to launch its first ever foldable smartphone in 2018. The future appears bright after what the latest Samsung smartphones offer, it is only a matter of time till we see every person with a bendable smartphone in their pockets.

In 2011, Samsung showed off a prototype of what exactly were they planning to develop and introduce to the market. The device was showcased with a flexible and functional screen, however, no touch sensitivity was mentioned. After that, until now, there was hardly any communication or update over this phone.

Latest rumors suggest that it will sport a 5-inch flexible OLED Display which will unfold into a larger 7-inch display. It was expected to have 4K resolution, but recent rumors tend to disagree – a 1080P AMOLED panel might come with the phone. And it goes without saying that the phone might feature a dual camera setup.

Recently, the phones model number, SM-G888NO was certified with WiFi and Bluetooth related tests for the Korean market, which implies that Samsung’s new probably-revolutionary device is almost as good as ready. There’s of course not a lot to say yet, things will unfold (geddit?) as and when we get closer to the launch.

Samsung Galaxy X Design

The design and features of the Galaxy X are still unknown. Based on concepts and patent designs the Galaxy X is expected to be a foldable phone and tablet hybrid. So yes, the Galaxy X is still a mystery. In fact, there is no word yet on the phone’s official name. Before being internally known as Galaxy X, the company’s bendable display smartphone was codenamed ‘Project Valley’.

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